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  • Access Text and Image information using a Graphical User Interface.
  • SOAP notes.
  • Data Entry by clinical web forms or scanning of paper documents.
  • Generate Clinical forms on-the-fly to be used anywhere and anytime instantly.
  • Personalization features for patient charts.
  • Reminders for patient recalls and follow up.
  • Clinical memos.

Electronic Medical Records(EMRs)

Expertise in EDM (electronic document management) has allowed us to provide:
  • Organized Workflow features.
  • Improved quallity of patient care and follow up.
  • Automated clinical records and correspondence.
  • Electronic Signature per HIPAA mandate.
All of which can lead to significant increases in efficiency and productivity.

Data Storage

  • Secure Hierarchal Data Storage.
  • Presentation and Retrieval in a familiar Patient Chart Format.


  • Comprehensive Interface for Scheduling.
  • Find First available appointment in a single step.
  • Cross Links within the patinet charts.
  • Record of past visits and future appointments.
  • Tracking of no-shows and cancellations.

Reminders and Patient Memos

  • Patient reminders and recalls.
  • Cross Links of reminders within the charts.
  • Prevent problems from getting overlooked.


  • Records of all Called-in Prescriptions.
  • Prescriptions printing, faxing and tracking.
  • Email prescriptions and notifications.
  • Allergy alerts.

Billing Options

  • Intuitive Data Entry Forms.
  • Electronic Claim Processing.
  • HCFA-1500 Printing.
  • Complete Account Management.

Technical Features

  • Database: SQL server.
  • Web Browsers Supported: Mozilla Firefox (Recommended), Internet Explorer.
  • Security: Secure Server and 128 bit Encryption.
  • Intranet and Internet: Conventional LAN/WAN and/or wireless.
  • Web Hosting: Server can be hosted by Atulya or client.
  • Server: PC platform with Windows 2000/2003 Server.
  • Client: Any windows/Macintosh/Linux or web browser conmpatible OS.
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