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How many users can log into the system simultaneously?

All the users, who have access to Atulya® system with a user name and password, can log-in at the same time.

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How expensive is your software, compared to your competitors?

Atulya® is priced inexpensively for maximum ROI. All the features that you would find in high-priced software are already included in Atulya® for a fraction of the price. Please call for individual quotes, which are discounted further based on the number of licenses purchased. The licensing is only based on the number of providers and all support personnel get free access for unlimited number of workstations.

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What type of licenses are available for clients?

We have two types of licenses available.

  • ASP model: This model lets you login to a fully managed server with the only requirement of having a stable Internet connection. This has very low upfront costs.
  • Fully licensed model: Here you have your own server in your own office under your own control. Connections can be made by LAN or WAN as needed. There is the added confidence and security of knowing that all data remains in-house and is accessible even when internet connections fails.

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What are the available backup options in Atulya®?

We know how important it is to secure your data in case of a disaster. We utilize 4 types of backups for your peace of mind. All backups are encrypted and transferred by secure protocols.

  • Automated local backups
  • Automated remote backups
  • Automated subscription based off site backups
  • Manual backups as and when needed

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How long of a contract do I have to sign with Atulya®?

Atulya® doesn't lock you into long-term contracts. We feel that our customers should use the software only if it is helping their practice, not because they are locked into a 3 or 5 year contract. We offer month-to-month pricing and our customers can cancel anytime without incurring additional charges.

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Will I get my patient's data, if I cancel after using your software for some time?

Atulya® will not hold any customer ransom with their data. If you choose to cancel your subscription, Atulya® will export and make all your patient's data available as a flat file for a small fee.

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Will this software enable our office to move towards a paperless practice?

Yes. Depending on how much of your old medical records you decide to scan into the system, it might take some time to move towards an entirely paperless office. We actually encourage clients to move into paperless solution only in a phased manner to avoid employee fatigue and minimum disruption to existing work flow. We also offer on site scanning solutions to help you integrate all your old medical records into Atulya® at a discounted rate.

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How much can I save after I install this software?

Depends on which features like scheduling, billing, scanning, EMR etc. of the software you decide to use initially. But the ROI is much greater if all the features are used and made part of the business process of your entire practice. Some of our customers have recouped their costs in a few months - because of the savings they realized, by bringing billing in-house.

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We don't want to do billing in-house. Can we still use your software for appointments and EMR?

Definitely. Since most of the billing happens based on data in appointments, you can choose to bring billing in-house or continue to use outsourced billing. We also offer contracted billing services for Atulya® customers at reduced rates.

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We have multiple locations. Can our staff access the software from any location?

Yes. The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, if the user has the required access privileges along with the user name and password to access the software. All you need is a browser like IE or Firefox.

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How easy is it to configure the software for our use?

Atulya® will help with the initial install and help with most of the required configuration settings. That is enough for most practices to continue using the software for a few years. If further changes are needed, because of personnel change etc., Atulya® is easily configurable.

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Does using Atulya® need changes to our established office work flow?

Absolutely not! We are unique in that the software was developed around a physicians work flow, hence you do not have to change your work flow to adjust to the software, but can easily adjust the software to fit your work flow.

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What are the typical features I can find in Atulya®?

Atulya® is a compact and powerful program built from the scratch as an integrated physician office solution. It has many of the following features to help your office run smoothly.

  • Multi-Location/Multi-Office scheduler
  • Electronic medical records (EMR)
  • Complete Billing, EDI, Posting and Accounting of finances
  • Tracking of tasks and documenting patient conversations as needed
  • Integration of transcription if needed
  • Electronic prescription writer
  • Lab or procedure orders
  • Image/Document management
  • Wireless, tablet and PDA enabled
  • Secure internal email
  • HIPAA compliant security

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I like what I read so far. How do I schedule a demo?

Please call 248-567-2550 or send e-mail to sales@atulya.net

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